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"This was one of the best books I've read in a long time. It is smart, gripping and even weaves an intriguing mystery into the mix. I cannot praise it highly enough. A masterpiece." - D.M. Cain, author of The Phoenix Project and A Chronicle of Chaos
"This reviewer seems to recall something that was said of Dostoevsky and how, to be successful, a novel requires an overarching philosophy. It is especially in this respect that Greensides's work merits ultimate recognition." - The Literary Reader
"Every once in a while, I finish a book, don’t do anything for a while except sit and think about it. This is one of those... It's rough and violent, but compassionate towards every character. This is one I'm definitely going to thrust upon my friends and family." - Sunshine Somerville, author of The Kota series
"A powerful sense of place and a sharp, nostalgic feel pervade the novel, and the supporting characters are richly engaging, exciting and thought-provoking read that I'd strongly recommend." - Nathan Jones
"There are twists and turns, light and shade in every page and in summation the book was a joy to read... It is without doubt a skilled debut from Jason Greensides." - Boopy


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