The Crown of Stones Book 3 Cover Reveal! @cl_schneider #IARTG #BookBoost #Fantasy

The Crown of Stones: Magic-Borne Cover Reveal!

He’s paid for his addiction. He’s been scarred by his spells. He’s borne magic’s weight, its pleasure, and its guilt. But will he surrender to it when the realm needs him most?

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Fall of the Walker King by @JayNorry New release! #IndieBooksBeSeen #IARTG #fantasy

The philosophic and acclaimed fantasy series Walking Between Worlds by Jay Norry sees its third and final book release this month - Fall of the Walker King The first two books are on sale! Find out more about the series and read chapter one here...

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Cover reveal for psychological #dystopian #thriller The Phoenix Project by @DMCain84 #booktrope #Edge Coming soon!

It’s here! Dark, gritty psychological thriller The Phoenix Project undergoes a makeover in the brand new Booktrope edition. Completely re-edited and re-designed, don’t miss this stunning cover by the talented Amalia Chitulescu. 

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